Eric Glass

Some stuff about me...

Guitar - Videos of me playing guitar, primarily acoustic stuff.

TRIRIGA - I specialize in Facilities Management/IWMS software solutions, mostly TRIRIGA, primarily integration development.

Open Source Projects - Various projects I have administered or to which I have contributed:
  • Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway - A Servlet-based WebDAV gateway to a CIFS (e.g. Windows/Samba share) network.
  • TivoPod - TiVo podcaster; extracts content from the "Now Playing" list and serves it up as a podcast for iPods and other media devices.
  • jCIFS - Java CIFS client library.  I was a core contributor for several years, primarily developing the NTLM authentication filter and related authentication/security work.  One of the by-products was my documentation on the NTLM protocol, which was the de facto reference guide for several years until Microsoft finally published the specification.
  • Jarapac - Defunct DCE/RPC Java library.  This was the initial effort to develop a Java-based DCE/RPC client library, the "meat" of which was ultimately rolled into the core jCIFS library.
  • jCIFS-Ext - Extensions for the jCIFS library.  This provided network printing and other RAP-based functionality for jCIFS, largely supplanted by the more modern DCE/RPC equivalents.

Other Erics - There are a surprising number of Eric Glasses out there, these are some notable people that are not me: